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Spirit in Art.
Painting and Ceramic workshops
create your own Mandala
Ceramic clock, Goddess Figures  Talismans and amulets,  Dream catchers and Gods-eyes. Make what you've always wanted to make...     





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Please email or telephone us and we can talk about how you would like your stay to be...


Ceramic Clock 

Consider making some time for your Self



Lou Peyrou is a Special place and as its special inhabitants we welcome you just as you are, to come have a chilled and relaxing stay and follow your path.

But if you have that feeling, Kindred spirit ,that you are reading this, because its meant for you  Well then, you will already be familiar with Synchronicity and its Friend Serendipity The art of making unexpected and lovely surprises...and that surprise is that we can provide more for you than a cosy bed and breakfast.

why not ask us about our

Spirit in Art   workshops...

Yes, Take home something really special from your stay , something that you have created from your heart, perhaps a hand painted Mandala,a beautiful dream catcher, god/ess figure or sacred talisman that you have created yourself from clay, and infused with your spirit and intention. Sally has many years of workshop experience and a true gift for facilitating creativity, or if you are happy to work on your own just take advantage of our workshop and kiln and make what you will, its your Holiday ! Hooray !

Reiki  Treatments, teachings and  atunements

Become attuned to Reiki in this special place, and return home aglow ! Life affirming, often Life Changing...a direct connection and as much support as you need, to open your eyes anew to this magical universe.    

Or... What would you really like to do ?

Yes whatever you would like to do during your stay here, we will do our best to Facilitate it for you, we have connections to some Lovely people who can show you a great time in their various fields, so let us know in advance by email or telephoning us, and we can organize it. or if you prefer, give you a direct connection to them. we are just a couple of friendly spiritual beings, who want you to have a great time, be that doing your own thing or really getting to know us ,its your choice kindred spirit...

               Here's wishing you all the best that you can be...



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Play in the Pottery

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